The SAWL Scholarship Fund


The SAWL Scholarship Fund (the Fund), formally known as “Tan Ah Tah SAWL Fund” was established in December 1987 under the auspices of SAWL in memory of the late Honourable Justice Mr. Tan Ah Tah, the first local-born person to be appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court in May 1955.

The Fund seeks to reduce social disparities brought on by educational imbalance and (the lack of) access to education. Registered as a Charity with the Commissioner of Charities and holding Institute of Public Character (IPC) status, the Fund aims to further educational interest amongst those in need - both physical and mental disabilities. As at December 2018, $75,510.00 has been added to the Fund benefiting over 800 applicants.  

Established in 1987, the success of the Fund is testament to the pioneering spirit of SAWL founder members and the efforts of their successors.

The late Honourable Justice Tan was one of SAWL's most ardent supporters in its early years and he was an integral part in shaping the prevailing culture of charitable giving. 

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Award Categories

The Fund is in aid of education for physically and mentally disabled students from the various educational levels. Candidates pursuing education at secondary, pre-university levels or junior colleges, polytechnics, vocational institutes or Singapore universities are eligible to apply for the scholarships. For details on eligibility and criteria, click here


Secondary/Pre-University Bursary


Vocational Institute or Equivalent


Junior College / Polytechnic or Equivalent


Tertiary or equivalent Scholarship




The scholarships are awarded to candidates who must be either citizens or permanent residents of Singapore and physically handicapped (including one who is from any approved charity as defined under the Income Tax Act or any society duly registered under the Societies Act) and who are in need of financial assistance. The Fund is governed by Trust Deeds and administered by the following 6 Trustees, who will review the applications of both pre-existing and potential applicant based on the Fund’s criteria. The Trustees have the sole discretion to approve applications.



Anne Choo


Ong Lee Wha


Bernice Lim


Lim Hui Min


Foo Siew Fong


Tan Shin Yi


Fund Helps Inclusiveness

I see this scholarship as something very much in line with our efforts to build an inclusive society that supports each individual to go as far as he or she can, irrespective of starting point or disability.
— SENIOR MINISTER OF STATE FOR LAW Ms. INDRANEE RAJAH, on the SAWL scholarship's efforts to help beneficiaries

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