This is a community project which embodies the contribution, work and generosity of many individuals and organisations who believe in, and support the Singapore Association of Women Lawyers’ (SAWL) commitment to the community. With this book, SAWL hopes to enable any educated layman to have some idea of his or her rights and obligations

It discusses most, if not all, areas of law that members of the public may need to know, or is likely to encounter, in the course of his or her life, for example:

  • Who can get a divorce in Singapore? 

  • When can the police arrest a person?

  • What is defamation?

  • What to do when involved in an accident?

  • Inheritance & succession – who gets your assets when you die?

  • What is the difference between copyright and trademark?

  • What are your legal rights as an employee?

  • What to look out for when buying residential property?

  • Starting a business – what are the pros and cons of incorporating a sole proprietorship as opposed to a company? 

  • What should you do when you suspect there could be medical negligence?

  • When is there a contract and in what circumstances are you not bound by it?

  • What to do if you cannot afford a lawyer?


Teens & The Law (Edition 2) $10

“Teens & the Law” provides teens with the basic principles of legal protection and helps them understand the real life consequences and penalties of breaking the law. It also provides sources of additional information such as websites on the issues faced by teenagers in today’s context and where they can turn to for counselling solutions. It is the only book in Singapore that explains the law relating to teenagers in simple English! Edition 2 was published in 2014 and contains the most updated legal information. All proceeds to the Tan Ah Tah SAWL Scholarship Fund for physically disabled students.

You & the Law

You and the law is possibly the only book in Singapore that simplifies 20 different areas of the law and other common topics for the lay person. Written simply, and sometimes in a question and answer format, this is a user-friendly publication for the man in the street. 

Contributors to this Book

  • Attorney-General’s Chambers

  • Supreme Court

  • The Singapore Police Force Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices

  • Singapore Exchange

  • Ms Doris Chia (David Lim & Partners)

  • Mr Ting Chi Yen & Ms Faezah Omar (Oon & Bazul)

  • Mr Koh Tien Hua (Harry Elias Partnership LLC)

  • Mr Shashi Nathan & Ms Tania Chin (Inca Law LLC)

  • Mr Navin Joseph Lobo (ATMD Bird & Bird LLP)

  • Mr Alfred Lim (Wong Partnership LLP)

  • Ms Anne Choo & Ms Justina Soon (Citilegal LLC)

  • Mr Jonathan Kok (Khattar Wong)

  • Mr N Srinivasan (Hoh Law Corporation)

  • Ms Rebecca Chew (Rajah & Tann LLP)

  • Mr Lim Kian Chye Sean & Mr Lui Ee Min (Financial Alliance)

  • Law Society of Singapore 

Edited by eminent lawyer Ms Doris Chia, the chapters to this book are contributed by lawyers with special knowledge in the relevant areas of law, corporate leaders and various government and non-government organisations. It is as useful a legal reference not only for the lay person, but also for the legally trained. 

Teens & The Law $6

The only book in Singapore that explains the law relating to teenagers in simple English! Legal knowledge is not easily accessible in Singapore and much of what Singaporean teenagers know is based on what they watch on TV. With the support of the Ministry of Education, SAWL interviewed more than 100 Secondary school students and asked them what concerns they have about the law. Their feedback provided SAWL with valuable insights into the questions or concerns of our teenagers and much of the book was conceptualized because of such feedback. Teens and the Law explain the Singapore laws in simple answer question format to teenagers. As SAWL only printed 10,000 copies of the book, place your orders today! 

All proceeds to the Tan Ah Tah SAWL Scholarship Fund for the physically disabled students.